Idverde: Green revolution in outdoor service with Incontrol!

  • 07 March, 2024
  • Koen Mulder
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idverde is one of the largest gardening and greenery management providers in the Netherlands. The company has over 400 employees who work across 15 locations. idverde also works on environmental management and design projects, with a focus on greenification.

Working proactively

Like many companies in their sector, idverde’s outbound division mostly worked in analogue fashion until recently. Employees filled out forms on paper, which had to be processed in the office afterwards. This was not only a big time drain, but also meant that valuable information gathered (literally) in the field often got lost.

That’s why idverde wanted a smart, mobile solution. A solution that, on the one hand, lets employees in the field approach the assignment and the terrain in a proactive way, and on the other hand transfers the valuable information from the field to the project leader in an easy and precise manner. Ultimately, this all contributes to the company’s bottom line: more greenery allows us to work and learn better and creates a healthier climate for everyone.

Active, easy and pleasant work for the field service

The use of Incontrol yields double benefits for idverde. On the one hand, employees in the field can immediately record anything they see with their smartphone or tablet. They can take photos on location and add notes to them, all directly within a preset form. This makes their work more active, easier, and more fun.

On the other hand, the forms contain more complete information and are immediately uploaded online. That way, project leaders have access to client details more quickly and have a more accurate view of the situation. In short, project leaders are better able to help clients. Quotations and proposals also look more complete and professional thanks to Incontrol.

Digital reports in house branding

idverde’s house style has also been incorporated into Incontrol. This way, idverde needs to do almost no manual work on creating digital reports and project proposals for its clients. Clients who have been introduced to this new way of working have responded positively. They can get even better advice about their property this way. The professional-looking, uniform reports generated for the client provide a more complete overview.

Successful pilot

Thijs Remmers, Quotation and Tenders Coordinator for idverde, is very satisfied with Incontrol:

‘The month-long pilot project we undertook to ensure Incontrol met our expectations went very smoothly. Incontrol turned out to be a complete, flexible product that answered to just about all our requirements.’

‘The Incontrol team is experienced and professional. They have a lot of technical knowledge and help us come up with solutions. At the same time, they are easy to reach. This is a pleasant way of working for a dynamic company like ours, especially when you want to launch quickly. During the implementation phase, our wishes, adaptations and improvements were implemented swiftly or taken into consideration for development. Their quick response to any issues is great - anything we wanted to improve was immediately dealt with and solved.’

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