HBV Groep: smarter, faster and more accurate with Incontrol!

  • 16 May, 2024
  • Koen Mulder
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HBV has been using Incontrol to inspect and report on both residential and commercial properties since 2022. Sander de Rie, Real Estate Manager at HBV Groep talked to us:"Incontrol has been used for some time in the delivery of commercial properties, both rentals and sales.” HBV Group as an organization has been active in commercial real estate for decades and is a reliable partner for all real estate needs, with knowledge of both the residential market and commercial real estate.

Smarter, faster & more accurate

Sander continues: "Within HBV, we used to take photos on site during completions and add them to the Completion Report in the office, which at the time was prepared in Word. This process cost us a lot of time and increased the risk of errors. By now using Incontrol to handle the Report of Acceptance directly on site, the number of administrative hours have been greatly reduced and we make fewer mistakes."

Direct on-site handling and reporting

Another big advantage of using Incontrol is that we can digitally sign the completion document directly on site, from both the tenant and landlord."In the past, this was often a process that could lead to discussions afterwards. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past!"


Ready-to-go templates

When HBV finally ended up with Incontrol after a selection process, they could get started right away,

"After closing a trial account, we could immediately start working with the ready-made forms in Incontrol's template store. After entering the areas of expertise relevant to us, the forms were automatically prepared for us."

The forms in the template store are currently being used by over 400 real estate organizations in the Netherlands & Belgium and can be customized to how you prefer and work most easily. Fields you don't need can easily be removed. And if things are missing, you can easily add them with the advanced Form builder.

Discover the benefits of Incontrol

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