Optisport: Safety and quality managed with Incontrol

  • 25 January, 2024
  • Koen Mulder
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Optisport is a market leader in the exploitation and management of public services such as swimming pools, skate rinks, sports venues, fitness centers, indoor playgrounds, and trampoline parks in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company is an important partner for local councils that want to offer their residents commercially and socially attractive leisure amenities of high quality.

Safe environment for visitors

Optisport’s locations have to be a safe environment for visitors. For example, swimmers need to feel confident that the water quality of swimming pools is sufficient, and that management keeps a close eye on any safety issues.

That’s why Optisport went looking for a tool to help them carry out inspections, maintain quality assurance and manage incidents. This tool would need to allow for collaboration between the company management, quality control managers, and technical and regional managers.

Direct on-site handling and reporting

Another major advantage of using Incontrol is that we can digitally sign the completion document directly on site, from both the tenant and landlord. "In the past, this was often a process that could lead to discussions afterwards. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past!"

Real-time insight into quality and compliance

Optisport’s search led them to Incontrol, which offered a flexible, easy to implement solution. The quality, maintenance and risk management of each of the 350 locations is centrally surveyed using Android tablets. Employees use the Incontrol app to carry out inspections, for example of swimming pool water quality or playground safety. A handy planning tool lets employees know which (recurring) tasks are due and when inspections need to be carried out.

With Incontrol, Optisport has an efficient tool in hand that helps employees spend less time managing daily tasks, allowing them to focus more on visitor experience and safety. This way, Optisport has constant real-time insight into the safety, quality and compliance of its venues.

A process in five steps

Optisport uses Incontrol in a basic five-step process:

1. A venue’s management team makes sure any (recurring) quality and maintenance tasks are set up in Incontrol. They can do this with ease through Incontrol’s web platform.

2. The team responsible for daily maintenance at the venue opens their task list in Incontrol every morning. They start carrying out the tasks by checking various facilities and objects.

3. When the employees arrive at the relevant location, they scan a QR code with their tablet camera. This automatically opens up all the relevant information (work instructions, logbook, checklist etc.).

4. When the inspection or maintenance is completed, the QR code is scanned again and the employee is logged out of that location.

5. Whenever unwanted or dangerous situations arise from an inspection or maintenance, or when tasks are not completed on time, the relevant people are notified with a push notification. The quality control manager analyzes the relevant data.

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