Hartog & Bikker: Efficiency in logistics

  • 02 May, 2024
  • Frank Schröder
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For Hartog & Bikker, the logistics giant with a 160+ vehicle fleet and a storage capacity of 150.000 m², innovation is the key to success. The logistics expert, which specializes in the distribution of voluminous products like glass, tin, cardboard, pallets, plastic packaging, isolation materials ea., has embraced digitization by integrating Incontrol into their daily operations. The result: more streamlined processes and better data integrity.

Goodbye paper, hello efficiency

Dimfie Moorman, Logistics Engineer at Hartog & Bikker, illustrates the function of Incontrol within the company:

“Incontrol is widely used within our organization to digitize processes and improve data capture. Within Hartog & Bikker, we suffered with a proliferation of (Excel) files and forms. Data was mostly captured on paper before being manually entered into Excel. This was a huge time drain, increased the potential for mistakes, and lacked uniformity. By capturing data directly to the cloud with Incontrol, the reliability of our data has improved and the number of administrative hours has been drastically reduced.”


Quality control through clever audits

A focus on quality and security is one of Hartog & Bikker’s essential pillars. Richard Nijpjes, senior supervisor, illustrates how Incontrol is used for audits and safety inspections to improve the quality of its warehouses: “Audit results are visualized in a Power BI-dashboard and discussed during meetings, allowing for immediate interventions.”

From reactive to proactive management

Incontrol functions as a proactive management system for safety questions. “After capturing a safety issue in Incontrol, the case can immediately be assigned to an employee who remedies the problem. Once solved, the case is signed off, allowing for constant insight and control over our active cases,” Richard explains.

Work floor optimization

The Co-Packing department, where John van Beveren is Team Leader, is a great example of how technology can support daily activities. “In our department, we use two kinds of forms through Incontrol. Team leaders fill out the ‘Team Leader Daily Schedule’ on the computer, which populates the form ‘Operator Daily Schedule’, used on operators’ tablets. The operators use this form to capture and analyze everything during their shift: from processed pallets and damages to additional tasks and hours worked. This creates a transparent image of our productivity as well as insight into unexpected events.”

Innovation as a standard

Hartog & Bikker exemplifies the power of digitization in the logistics industry. Their use of Incontrol is a potent example of how technology can lead to improved processes, quality control, and a more efficient work environment.

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