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Every industry has its own business processes. That is why we have developed several ready-to-use templates for each sector, so that they fit your processes perfectly and you can get started with Incontrol right away.

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Every sector comes with its own ways of working. Choose your sector to access ready-to-use templates and reports customized to your sector and expertise.

Real Estate

The most used completion app for commercial real estate professionals.

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Real Estate Housing

Digital handovers, key transfers and recording of meter readings.

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Digital pre-checks, delivery and inspection of solar panels.

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Easily digitize all your processes on and around the roof.

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Safety inspections,
toolbox measurements & work orders.

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"We had to submit an inspection within 24 hours. Thanks to Incontrol, we were the only party who sent a report within one day."

Bert Ammerlaan

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