Omega Energietechniek: Digitization of electrical inspections

  • 22 February, 2024
  • Koen Mulder
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Omega Energietechniek has digitized its electrotechnical inspections in collaboration with Incontrol. The company, based in Vianen, is a market leader in electrical training and inspections.

Omega training

Omega is the most practical course provider in the Netherlands, offering courses in SCIOS Scope 8, Scope 10 and Scope 12. Inspectors are also trained according to NEN 3140, NEN 8025 (APK Housing) and NEN 62446 (Solar panels).


Omega Inspection

Omega is not just a training provider for technical inspections: the organization also has 30 years of experience of its own in carrying out expert, safe and reliable (insurance) inspections.

With Scope 8, Scope 10 and Scope 12 certifications, Omega is a trustworthy partner when it comes to independent inspections of electrical installations and solar panels.

Digitization of e-inspections

Because Omega was looking for a smarter, more efficient way to carry out inspections, they set out in search for a way to digitize their workflow. They found Incontrol to be the most suitable software/app to carry their electrotechnical inspections to the next level. The companies worked together on a ready-to-go inspection process within Incontrol. The result: Incontrol E-inspections.

Incontrol E-Inspections

Per certification (Scope 8, Scope 10, Scope 12, NEN 1010 & NEN 3140 ), ready-to-use inspection forms are preloaded into the app, allowing inspectors to start work straight away. With Incontrol, users always inspect according to specific certifications (SCIOS Scope/NEN) and inspectors can deliver quality reports with their own branding and logo.

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