GMB Civiel pioneers link between Relatics and Incontrol

  • 19 April, 2024
  • Frank Schröder
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GMB Civiel is known for its contributions to water safety and quality, bio-energy, and industrial construction & infrastructure. Every day, 550 experts strive to offer added value to their customers and society by combining their design and execution powers with knowledge and innovation.


Seamless integration between systems

At the request of GMB Civiel, we have realized a link between Incontrol and Relatics, aiming to optimize Model-Based Systems Engineering in the construction industry.



Digital transformation

Through this joint effort, verifications and tests of building objects can now be registered both online and offline with the Incontrol app. The data are populated according to the project demands detailed in Relatics.

Revolution in quality control

We have also achieved significant improvements in the quality control process by applying a flexible reverse-inspection principle. Rather than checking off every compliant point, inspectors only need to indicate any non-compliant points, reducing the workload.

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