EKCN: Same staff, many more inspections

  • 18 April, 2024
  • Frank Schröder
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EKCN is an organization for Electrical Installation Inspections in commercial buildings. 100% Dutch, ambitious, advanced. Solidly organized, based on many years of technical and management experience, and located in Beverwijk. We spoke with co-owner John Zutt.

Scope & NEN Inspections

At the time we speak with John Zutt, we are at the Sanitair Design Center Alkmaar, where EKCN is conducting a Scope 10 and Scope 12 inspection. John starts: "Within our organization, Incontrol is used to perform electrical inspections according to NEN-1010, NEN-3140, Scope 8, Scope 10, and Scope 12."


Integration & Quick Implementation

EKCN was looking for reporting software that could integrate with their back-office system. This enables them to prepare inspection reports quickly and efficiently for their inspectors.

"After careful consideration, we chose Incontrol because of its extensive functionalities, ready integration with Exact Online, and the scope of Incontrol within the inspection market. With more than 160 inspection companies using it, that gave us a lot of confidence from the start."

John continues: "Within just one week, our entire company had fully transitioned from our old inspection software to Incontrol. After evaluating multiple solutions, we chose Incontrol because of the integration with Exact Online and the simplicity and quality of the forms. Furthermore, the software provides an easy overview of pending or completed inspections per inspector."

Strong Network & Further Development

"An important advantage is that Incontrol's inspection plans and reports meet the latest requirements, as set by organizations such as SCIOS. These are updated quarterly, ensuring that our company always incorporates the changes before the transition period."

"By choosing Incontrol, we become part of an extensive network that forms a successful connection between practical knowledge and technology. Moreover, we have a say in the further development of the product. We recently submitted some suggestions for improvement, and it's very motivating to see that these requests are immediately implemented in the new updates. This encourages us to collaborate with all our electrical inspectors to deliver a powerful product."

"The result of working with Incontrol is that we can process many more inspections with the same staff. We have more oversight, work faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. We are now (completely) Incontrol!"

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