Colliers International: Optimization of work processes

  • 04 April, 2024
  • Koen Mulder
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With a robust presence in 65 countries and a dedicated team of 19.000 professionals, Colliers International manages an impressive portfolio of 185 million square meters of commercial real estate - making the company one of the world’s most prominent real estate brokers.


Efficiency in real estate: One step ahead

In the lively world of commercial real estate, Colliers International delivers various services tailored to the needs of users, owners, investors, and developers. Their services include specialized advice to landlords and renters, resulting in clear and professional project and real estate management.

Real estate management comes with plenty of administrative challenges. For this reason, Colliers International Netherlands has joined forces with Incontrol in order to lighten the administrative load and increase the efficiency of their processes. Incontrol’s innovative approach centers on simplicity and efficiency, resulting in a streamlined work process for all involved parties in real estate.

Transformation to digital efficiency

Colliers International has taken a digital leap forward by implementing Incontrol. All real estate processes and documents are now entirely digitized. This allows Colliers to manage essential documents like handover reports, key handovers, and meter readings with unprecedented efficiency. The digitization even encompasses the management of maintenance projects and technicians’ work orders.

On-site reporting and delivery

The power of digitization is best exemplified by on-site inspections. Thanks to Incontrol, inspectors complete their tasks and sign off reports with a digital signature. The results are processed into a digital report, which is immediately sent to the relevant parties: fast, efficient and clear.

Thanks to this digital innovation, Colliers International has saved significant amounts of time, as well as reducing their environmental impact by drastically reducing paper waste.

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